Main Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Mechanical Keyboards Switches

Mechanical keyboards are a great way to get that old school feeling you had typing on an pc growing up. Some switches allow for that typewriter feel and if you want audible and feeling each keystroke click, then that’s the way to go. Switches have three main types Linear, Tactile, and Clicky. Each geared towards different functions and experiences. The response time for Linear and Tactile are close but Tactile Red switches are a gamers best pick. Blue clicky switches are typers dream come true. Fair warning do not purchase for an office setting (some may get annoyed). The higher keypad allows for proper ediqutte when typing. I myself purchased a thick wrist pad to go along with the higher wrist height.

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Spring Loaded

Linear "Red" Switch

Linear switches are a type of switch that focus on producing a smooth, consistent actuation without any tactile feedback. Linear switches are great for people who don't like the small bump experienced from tactile switches or the loud noises from clicky switches

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Variety of Colored Switches

Tactile "Brown" Switch

Tactile switchis a switch whose operation is perceptible by touch. Tactile Switch Functions. Click Response. The click response of the button lets the user feel the response of the operation from the switch.

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Clicky "Blue" Switch

Clicky switches are a type of switch that focus on producing a tactile bump and loud audible click with each keystroke.Also known as a typer's switch. The benefits of feeling and hearing your keystrokes are vast.

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